Blockout Series

  • Eco Double-side Printing Textile
  • Eco Black-back Textile
  • Eco Multifunctional Textile

Eco Double-side Printing Textile (TX8822/TX8822S 280g/9.9 oz., TX8866 400g/14.1 oz.) is a curl-free textile, which is composed of 100% woven polyester. Although TX8866 weighes heavier than the other two, it can work more multifunctionally. 

The product has coating on both sides with black coating liner in the middle. This unique construction allows a dual printing effect and is 100% opaque. It can be used for various indoor applications that require excellent blockout effect. Flame retardant. Available in widths of 1.6-3.2m/63" to 126".

Eco Black-back Textile (TX8800S knitted and TX8811S/TX8812S woven) is an 260g/9.2 oz., 100% polyester blockout material with black back. TX8800S is suitable for dye-sublimation printing; TX8811S is compatible with UV and LATEX printing; TX8812S is printable via UV, LATEX and ECO-SOLVENT.

This material is opaque and ideal for display applications, such as pop-ups, roll-ups, backgrounds, framing systems, and trade show graphics. Flame retardant. Available in widths ranging from 1.6-3.2m/63" to 126".

Eco Multifunctional Textile (TX8812S, TX8833, TX8834, TX8836-G/TX8836-B, TX8866, 1004P) is a 100% woven polyester blockout material, which is suitable for diferent indoor applications, such as display, advertising, wall covering, roller blinds and backgrounds. TX8812S & TX8836-B are black-back, TX8834 coated with silver on one side, and TX8833 & TX8836-G & 1004p are grey-back. Among them, 1004P feels softer, and TX8866 is coated on both sides, weighing the heaviest.

This material is printable via UV, LATEX and ECO-SOLVENT inks. Flame retardant. Available in widths ranging from 1.6-3.2m/63" to 126".