Deco Series

  • Eco Fiberglass Fabric
  • Eco Multifunctional Textile

Eco Fiberglass Fabric (AG-1/AG-2 240g/8.5 oz., AG-3 300g/10.6 oz., AG-5 280g/9.9 oz.) is an A-level flame retardant material, showing notable fire resistant performance and excellent light transmittance (up to 50%). AG-2/AG-3/AG-5 is compatible with UV, LATEX and ECO-SOLVENT printing. With excellent light diffusion capacity, the transmitted light through this material is close to natural light source, which helps to build a comfortable space.

Therefore, it can be widely used in shopping halls, hotels, office buildings, hospitals, schools, exhibition halls, and many other places that requires high-quality fireproof home decoration. Available in widths ranging from 1.6-3.2m/63" to 126".

Eco Roller Blind Textile (1004P 220g/7.8 oz. and TX500 210g/7.4 oz.) is a 100% woven polyester blockout material, which is suitable for indoor applications, such as roller blinds and backgrounds. 1004P feels softer , coated on both sides with grey coating liner in the middle, while TX500 is a little harder with grey back.

This material is printable via UV, Latex and Eco-solvent inks. Flame retardant. Available in widths ranging from 1.6-3.2m/63" to 126".

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