Blockout Series

  • Eco Outdoor Advertising Textile

Eco Outdoor Advertising Textile (TX1000S 280g/9.9 oz., TX1000S-G/TX1000WS/TX1000WS-G 300g/10.6 oz., TX500WS-G 220g/7.8 oz., and TX450S 240g/8.5 oz.) is a 100% woven polyester, premium frontlit outdoor advertising material. With high tenacity polyester yarns, this textile looks like PVC materials and shows the same strength, but it is much softer, lighter and more eco-friendly. Besides, TX1000WS/TX1000WS-G/TX500WS-G can be thermal-weldable, and is compatible with UV, LATEX and ECO-SOLVENT inks, printing vibrantly and consistently.

The superior printing quality making it the preferred outdoor advertising material among printers. Flame retardant. Available in widths ranging from 1.6-3.2m/63" to 126".

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