Advertisers' Favorite - PA Coating Pearl Textile

2021-03-26 23:10 CRD

In the past two years, both at home and abroad, advertisers have gradually found that the past outdoor PVC flex banner and indoor PU material can no longer meet needs of the high-end advertising market. So far, the market polarization is more and more serious, how to win the largest market share in the fierce price competition is the problem that every advertiser should ponder on.

It can be seen in almost every booth of advertising exhibitions, and used by every company as an "eye-catching artifact". Obviously, it has become a new favorite in the advertising industry, our leading role today - PA coating pearl textile.

Pearl textile originated from French DHJ, but because of high import cost, it had a high selling price in China, leading to the much lower utilization rate of this kind of textile than PVC products which has relatively higher cost performance. As early as two years ago, our company organized professional personnel to set up a R&D team of pearl textile, and has introduced advanced coating equipment from Germany and South Korea. Through continuous testing and improvement for more than one year, we have created this eco-friendly PA coating textile series.

The back of it is made of imported polyester textile with fine mesh, and coated with imported water-soluble PA (acrylic acid) foaming, which makes its surface very smooth. After painting, the picture has a high degree of restoration and a strong three-dimensional look.

Compared with the plasticizer contained in traditional PVC flex banner (the plasticizer will volatilize into the air when using, causing damage to the environment), our PA coating is a non-toxic, tasteless, pollution-free and eco-friendly painting medium. And its low temperature resistance of minus 25 also makes this textile perform much better than PVC products, which would appear fracture in low temperature.

Different kinds of products called “pearl textile” have appeared in the market, but the quality is uneven, because 100% PA foaming coating cannot be guaranteed among these products, which would be directly coated with PA without foaming or PU+PA mixing, making it do not support B1 fire retardant level. It will also lead to sticky surface, poor weather resistance, and the coating is easy to be scraped. And it may appear delamination, inking, perforation, becoming hard in warehouse. Also, during transportation, it would stick off the picture, bad for the painting effect.

From the quality, density, precision, color, low temperature resistance, yellowing resistance to B1 fire retardant level, our PA coating pearl textile must be the best among all. And with 130g square gram weight, it is very light, easy to carry and transport.

You can also tell the textile is worthy of the name from the printing picture, which looks pearlescent. And our products is suitable for UV, latex and weak solvent inks, widely used in light boxes.

This eco-friendly PA coating textile series has passed FR-B1, REACH, RoHS 2.0 and heavy metal tests, and obtained corresponding certificates.

After reading, I believe you have finally understood why our pearl textile is so popular among advertisers nowadays. Welcome regional agents and distributors all over the world to inquire for our PA coating textile series.

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