The Pearl Textile That You Have Never Seen

2021-03-26 23:16 CRD

When it comes to pearl textile, some people would say that it is very common in the market. However, I would like to say that ordinary pearl textile has low density and sparse holes, some of which will appear ink leakage phenomenon after printing.

The four new types of pearl textile that will be introduced today are excellent among the same kind in terms of material quality, density, precision, picture and color.

What? Unconvinced? Let's take a look at the new products now!

First One: Eco-Friendly PA-Coating Frontlit Textile

Front: the printing picture has high color restoration, high resolution, bright color, strong sense of picture and texture.

Back: high density, no inking from front to back, thin material but with high precision.

Second One: Pearl Textile

Front: the printing picture is pearlescent, three-dimensional and colorful.

Back: high density, thin material, with a feeling similar as silk cloth.

Third One: Double-side Frontlit Textile

Front: with a layer of soft film coating, soft texture, the printing picture has high accuracy, colourful and clear.

Back: with the same coating as the front side, the printing image is also the same.

Facing the light, the picture looks pearlescent , heavy texture, and a layer of black coating in the middle of the material.

Forth One: Warp Knitting Black-back Textile

Front: bright color, no obvious difference compared with the source printing file, but no pearlescent with matte finish.

Back: high density, white front, black back with heavy texture.

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